Our mission is to provide interpretation services to people who are deaf, hard of hearing and deaf/blind.

In the following communication modes:

  • Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) 
  • Oral 
  • Tactile 

For services in ASL-English, please contact the Metropolitain Montreal Deaf Community Center.

In the following locations:

  • Montréal
  • Laval
  • Montérégie
  • Laurentides
  • Lanaudière

Carte géographique de Montréal, Laval et la Montérégie

Interpreters can work:

We are active in the following sectors:

Healthcare: Hospitals, Medical clinics, CLSCs, Dentistry, Optometry, Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy. You may reserve our interpretation services for all healthcare services covered by Quebec’s Health Insurance CardInterpreter requests may be made for annual visits to a dentist or optometrist. Interpretation services for assessment appointments with physiotherapists or ergotherapists are also available


Social services: Social Assistance, Director of Youth Protection, Youth Centres. For all meetings with representatives of social assistance services, youth protection services or youth centres, reservations must be made by social-service professionals.  


Government services: Federal, Municipal, Provincial. Service requests may be made for your meetings with any provincial government department or public agencyFor meetings involving the federal governmentinterpreters may be reserved for matters relating to Services Canada with respect to immigration or employment insuranceRequests may be made by yourself or by government-service professionalsWhen making the reservation, please be sure to mention the name of the professional and the file number. 


Work and union activities: Businesses, Unions, Emploi-Québec. Employers who have at least one deaf employee may make an interpreter-reservation request for team meetings, partner meetings, and any other business-related meetingsIn such cases, employers are invoiced for all service-related costs. You can reserve an interpreter for your meetings with Emploi-Québec. Requests may be made the deaf person or the professionalWhen making the reservation, please be sure to mention the name of the professional, his or her phone number, and the file number, as appropriate. 


Legal services: Civil weddings, Legal Aid Office, Private consultation and legal deeds, Courts, Prisons. For court appearances, requests must be made at the interpreters’ office at the courthouse. For private consultations or legal aidrequests may be made by the deaf person or the lawyer.


Parental duties and support: Daycare centres or nurseries, Schools, Appointment support. Requests may be made for parents’ meetings at schools or daycares and nurseriesIn additionrequests may be made by deaf persons who need to accompany an elderly parent to a medical appointment.


Financial services and consumer goods: Banks, Insurance, Notaries, Signing important contracts. Interpreter-reservation requests may be made for appointments with banks, insurance companies, and notariesSuch requests may also be made for the signing of important contracts, including home or car purchases.


Associations: Board-of-director meetings, Workshops and training sessions , Annual general assemblies. Services are also available to associations and community-based agencies for such functions as general assemblies, board meetings, and executive committee meetingsThe organization that makes the request is invoiced for the services.


Conferences and colloquia: LSQ accessibility at your conference or colloquiumWe have qualified interpreters for these mandatesIn such cases, we need to receive your documentation in advance so as to deliver high-quality services. The person or organization that makes the request is invoiced for the services.


Please feel free to contact us to see if we can meet your requestPlease note that interpretation fees are never invoiced to deaf, hard of hearing or deaf/blind personsOrganizations, businesses, and government departments are responsible for providing these services to the population as a whole, including the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf/blind community. 

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